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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haiku For Dao

For our dear daughter
Mommy and daddy love you!
Happy birthday Dao!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Suppawit School's Big Day

Suppawit School celebrated its foundation day and our General Manager's birthday this morning (General Manager is also the Over-all Director of Saimit Suksa Affiliated Schools of which Suppawit School is a member) . A two-in-one fe'te which made everyone busy prepare for the event earlier. While the celebration is going on, the honoree, Dr. Salit Butnian (General Manager) is traveling from Australia after his three week educational trip. Everybody was informed that the show must go on even without his presence.

The stage backdrop says "Suppawit School Foundation Day on the 24th of July 2011"
but we ante-dated the celebration since 24 is a Saturday.

Monks blessing the ceremony

Lower grade students awaiting lunch time

Our School Director, Mr. Goragot Butnian awarding Teacher Nittaya her certificate for being one of the best teachers of Suppawit School
Teachers Salee and Wanpen were both awarded "Best in Leadership Category"
Teacher Tan receiving her Certificate of Merit for being an Outstanding Teacher of the Year
A special Certificate of Merit for propagating the English Language Program  thereby giving honor to the school..... received with cash reward!!! Thanks!
Teacher Anne receiving her Plaque of Appreciation for helping realize the goals of the Mini-English Program

One of our student leaders being presented with Certificates of  Leadership

The teachers and their advisory classes prepared some food and shared them during lunch time.
Food for the monks were also offered just after the main activity.

Food for the monks

more  fruits!!

Students awaiting lunch time
Children having their lunch with teachers

Lunch time
 picture- taking after the program

Teachers Nittaya, Gan, Anne, and Aree

My Certificate

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Golf Car

My boss smilingly gave Frances the car key when she asked  to borrow the golf car for us to drive her around the school park. She always do this when  Daddy  comes to visit us. Although I find time to drive her around, she is just excited to have Daddy bring us to the park.

One hot Saturday morning

Happy, yippee!!!

under the  trees

by the lake

Frances' Handwriting

When Frances was 2.5 years old, she could identify  the 26 letters of the alphabet. Her favourite was the letter "Q". Now that she's 4 years old, she can write dictated- simple words like common names. She really likes to write our names continuously in one line :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

English Language Seminar

Our school conducts English Language Seminars intended to upgrade the  parents' functional English literacy every first Saturday of the month . This started a month ago. Organized by the Parents-Teachers Association and the Community, this seminar was evaluated after the first  session as a worthwhile activity for the parents of our students to share their language learning-teaching strategies.
The activities are focused on speaking-home language but some writing and reading are also integrated to facilitate learning among our participants.

Everyone's busy on the workshop

Interactive Participation
English Through Music
Learning activity: Conversation Practice about Having Coffee Breaks

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kindergarten House Visitation

The Kindergarten Department of Suppawit School did house visitation. It was an actual experience for the students to know more about their classmates, their family, and homes. Since Frances "Dao" is in Kindergarten and our apartment is the closest in school, the teachers decided to see ours first.  Dao proudly showed her things to her classmates and teachers. One after the other: she demonstrated how to play her piano keyboard; brought out her dolls and displayed them; opened her desktop computer and showed how to open the 'paint' page; and she even opened my PC laptop for all to see. I was just there looking and observing how she acted as the host while preparing some mixed fruits for everybody. They enjoyed the "show" and I overheard some who said that Dao   has got talents while they were partaking slices of  fruits on their plates.

posing by her fish bowl

opening the you tube file "Nobody But You"

Showing off her keyboard

Her fish bowl (A very bad cat came to get her 3 fries so that she has only 4 left)

Teacher Muek with the students